What Fruits and Vegetables Are Good for Teeth?

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Many fruits and vegetables can offer health benefits for your teeth. We can only focus on a few for now, but what we mention can help keep your teeth clean and strengthen them.

First on the list is apples. Apples can help clean your teeth. The benefits can come from their crunchiness, which can take more effort to chew. This effort can help bring up more saliva, which is what actually cleans your teeth. Saliva can wash off food debris and acids, so you can eat an apple occasionally to bring up more of it.

Apples are not the only things that provide this benefit. Vegetables like celery and carrots are also crunchy enough to encourage your mouth to produce more saliva.

For foods that can strengthen teeth, some nice little helpers can be spinach and kale. These two veggies contain calcium, which is an important part of your enamel. Your teeth can use them to fortify themselves.

These are just small examples of foods that can help you have healthy and strong teeth. If you would like to learn other ways to keep your teeth in excellent condition, you are welcome to talk with our dentist, Dr. John Phillips, and our team here at 29th Street Dental Care in Chickasha, Oklahoma. We make it our goal to help you have your best smile. To schedule a visit with us, please call 405-222-0222.