What Are the Benefits of Fluoride for Your Smile?

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What are the benefits of fluoride for your smile? For starters, fluoride can re-mineralize your tooth enamel which is the defensive layer on our teeth that exists to protect the important parts from tooth decay. If your tooth enamel is breached, your pulp can easily become infected, leading to the eventual death of the tooth.

Finding and using fluoride is easier than you think. Listed below are common places you can expect to find fluoride:

– Fluoride can be found in the public water supply as it has been added to the drinking water of the USA. With fluoride, your teeth with have an additional layer of protection for your teeth.
– Fluoride is often sold in supplement form, which can exist as a tablet, lozenge, or pill.
– Fluoride is found naturally-occurring all over the world, including most natural bodies of water.
– If you would like a professional-grade fluoride treatment, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist. The fluoride will strengthen your teeth and can help protect your tooth enamel from the harmful effects of dental erosion caused by acids.

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