Tips on Having a Good Relationship With Your Orthodontic Appliance

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Your orthodontic experience can be one you’ll always remember—in a good way. It can be smooth, successful, and even enjoyable. To help make that possible for you, Dr. John Phillips and our orthodontic team encourage you to have a good relationship with your braces.

To do so, you need to first brush and floss regularly. Unfortunately, your braces trap food particles and plaque in the small crevices around the brackets, which can be quite inconvenient for you and your teeth. It can create an embarrassing food-filled smile and encourage cavity growth and the development of gum disease. So, remember to brush and floss after you eat.

Second, avoid eating the appliance-harming foods we have mentioned. To remind you, those foods are toffee, caramel, gum, popcorn, and other sticky and hard foods. Eating these foods can damage your braces, specifically your brackets, so please avoid eating them altogether.

Third, chew with your back teeth. If you bite into foods with your front teeth, the pressure involved can peel the brackets off your enamel. So, if possible, it’s best to cut foods into small pieces and chew them with the back of your mouth.

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