Sports Injuries Can Potentially Chip a Tooth

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Most rigorous athletics require a mouth guard to protect your teeth from a blow to the face. Yet some of the units sold in stores can prove uncomfortable or ineffective. If you choose not to use a mouth guard, or you suffer a hard blow to the face while using an insufficient mouth guard, you could suffer a chipped or fractured tooth.

If the chipped tooth doesn’t cause immediate discomfort, the damaged tooth enamel could eventually foster a cavity to form in the already distressed tooth. To prevent this from happening. you should have the tooth treated by Dr. Phillips, Dr. Perryman, and Dr. Womack as soon as possible.

Depending on the size and location of the chip, our dentists might be able to repair the tooth with a simple amalgam or composite filling.

If the chip is large or it affects the structural integrity of the tooth our dentists might recommend restoring all the tooth enamel with a dental crown.

In a rare instance where the internal tissues of the tooth have been traumatized, Drs. Phillips, Perryman, and Womack might need to perform a root canal. This form of endodontic therapy will substitute the damage internal structure of the tooth that will prepare an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

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