Prepare Your Smile for a Sensational 2018 with Dental Bridges

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No smile is complete without a full set of chompers. If you are missing any teeth, it is important to have them replaced with a durable prosthetic that is customized to your individual smile. A wonderful procedure to consider for filling in the gaps between your teeth is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are tooth replacement treatments designed to replace missing or lost teeth with prosthetics that look and function effectively. Dental bridges are held in place by linking and attaching to nearby teeth for a durable hold that could potentially last a lifetime. They are permanent tooth replacements and can be shaped and crafted to suit your needs.

Dental bridges can restore skills lost from missing teeth, including your abilities to chew and eat food. In addition, dentures can also improve your speech and biting ability. When you have missing teeth, you may be suffering from tooth movement and tooth slippage, but dental bridges can prevent this from happening anymore. With dental bridges, you will have a sense of improved oral health care and a restored smile.

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