Have a Better Brushing Routine by Using Our Secret Brushing Tips

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Did you know there are little things you can do to improve your tooth brushing routine? Well, it’s true, and our dentist, Dr. John Phillips, knows all about those little secrets. Because he cares for you and wants you to have the best smile possible, he is happy to share those secrets with you.

First, brush your smile from the inside out. The enamel near the tongue often gets forgotten about, which means the plaque remains and continues to grow. So, to make sure you get these areas, it’s best to start your brushing routine by cleaning the insides of the bottom teeth and then the insides of the top teeth. To complete the cleaning job, clean the outsides and then scrub the front teeth.

Second, brush with a dry toothbrush. Dry bristles are stiff and can remove plaque and other harmful substances from the smile, so try not to moisten your toothbrush with water before you put it in your mouth. However, if you forget, it’s OK; your brush gets wet after a minute or two in your mouth anyway.

Third, “dance” the toothbrush as you clean your teeth. This will help you have a smooth and gentle cleaning routine. All you need to do is add a little wiggle to your scrub and brush in circles. This can also help you remove the plaque more easily.

To learn more about a proper brushing routine in Chickasha, Oklahoma, please call 29th Street Dental Care at 405-222-0222 when you can. Our dental team has the information you need to thoroughly and correctly clean your smile twice a day.