A Recent Oral Trauma Can Cause a Toothache

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Suffering a blow to the face or taking an accidental fall can cause significant oral trauma. Applying first-aid to the wounded soft tissues can help reduce pain. However, one or more teeth in the area could also have been compromised in some way.

A tooth that has suffered an impact might not experience significant discomfort. As time goes on inflammation could start to develop in the surrounding wounded tissues of compromised dental structures. This can cause increasing toothache pain.

If you are experiencing any discomfort after a recently dental trauma, you should seek treatment from a dentist like Dr. John Phillips to prevent worsening complications.

If you need help managing the pain, you could try rubbing a little topical oral analgesic or taking some over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. It might help you find temporary relief while awaiting your appointment at Dr. John Phillips’s clinic.

Many toothaches related to oral trauma require Dr. John Phillips to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy is designed to replace the damaged internal structures with a special dental material capable of anchoring a dental crown.

If you live in the Chickasha, Oklahoma, area and you’re suffering from a toothache after a recent oral trauma, you should not delay in calling 405-222-0222 to have it examined and treated at 29th Street Dental Care.